Kitchens in homes at Weston are perfect for cooking up your favorite holiday meals.

Put a New Spin on Holiday Menu Traditions

Posted on 12 Nov, 2020

Tired of the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes? Bring a new spin to your Weston holiday table this year with modern takes on traditional favorites.

Let’s start with the main course.
Who says turkey always has to have center stage on the holiday table? You can stay with a poultry theme but venture from tradition with a Roast Duck or Spiced Roast Goose main course, instead. The key is to slow roast the meat, and let it rest at least 15 minutes after cooking.

For a smaller gathering, roast chicken with stuffing delivers a flavorful wow factor. Want the holidays in your new Weston home to feature a non-traditional statement piece? Try cooking a whole chicken in a pastry crust for an eye-catching alternative.

Even if turkey is your holiday menu staple, give it some new pizazz. A carved Pastrami-Style Grilled Turkey Breast makes an impressive presentation, and lets you avoid dealing with the whole bird. Or weave bacon strips around your bird for an artistic, and savory, turkey masterpiece.

Stuffing with a twist.
You may not be ready to completely forego the family’s time-honored stuffing recipe. But hosting the holidays in your new Weston home is the perfect time to add a stuffing twist or two. Wild Rice Dressing is a gluten-free option that pairs perfectly with any main course. And, Cheesy Sausage Stuffing is a meat and cheese lover’s delight.

Sides that shout ‘try me’!
For Weston homeowners, the Santee Farmers Market offers nearby access to abundant local produce, ideal for your non-traditional holiday side dishes. Use in-season local squash for a Roasted Butternut Squash with chile glaze, or serve Roasted Brussels Sprouts that deliver a kick. Skip the store-bought rolls, and incorporate locally sourced apples to create Cornbread with Caramelized Apples and Onions.

Take it outdoors.
Why not throw tradition out the door, literally, with an outdoor cookout for your holiday celebration? Outdoor kitchens and backyards in Weston homes create an inviting setting for cooking, eating and enjoying time with friends and family outside.

Desserts for the grand finale.
The typical holiday dinner can leave you feeling full way before dessert, so why not lessen the load with small-bite treats? Use your Weston kitchen counters to set out a variety of individual tarts, single-serve sweets and cupcake-sized pies. But caution: it may be hard to stop at just one!

With their modern, inviting kitchens and outdoor living areas, Weston homes are the perfect setting for incorporating new holiday traditions with family favorites.

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