Football Party Appetizers

4 Tips for Hosting a Football Game Viewing Party

Posted on 24 Oct, 2019

Are you ready for some football? It’s that time of year, but you don’t have to be at the games to follow all the action. Gather the gang and transform your home at Weston into game central with football watch parties that will be fan favorites.

As the host, you are quarterbacking the day. And the best play call you can make for yourself is: Keep It Simple. Remember, you want to be able to watch the game and visit with guests — not spend the day in the kitchen. Now is not the time to razzle-dazzle your guests with a five-course meal and flaming dessert on your best china (that has to be hand-washed, by the way). Keep it simple with these four gameday plays.

Finger foods are your friends. Plan a menu that includes a mix of sweet and salty options, ideally ones that don’t need refrigeration. Consider bringing out your menu in phases — appetizers in the first half, a pot of chili or soup at halftime, and then wind down with desserts in the second half. Look for football game party recipes that can be prepared in advance, so you can relax on gameday.

Need more menu inspiration? Follow a theme for your football party. Idaho Potato Bowl? Perhaps make potatoes the main menu attraction with stuffed potato skins, a baked potato bar or piping hot potato soup. Sugar Bowl? Invite your guests to bring a favorite sugary treat.

A buffet arrangement on your Weston kitchen island makes it easy for guests to graze without missing a minute of game action. Or, place foods within arms’ length of guests on coffee tables and end tables.

Continuing with the Keep It Simple game plan, set up a drink station for self-serve action. Place sodas, bottled waters and adult beverages in separate tubs. Concoct a special “drink of the game.” But, keep in mind, football games can last several hours, so include plenty of non-alcoholic options. Use large pitchers for lemonade, iced tea or fruit-infused water.

Yard décor sets the tone for a fun party from the moment your football fans arrive. Hoist a team banner or flag in the front yard, or invest in an inflatable mascot to add some whimsy.

Inside, it should be all about your team colors. From plates and napkins to flower arrangements for your food displays, showing your colors adds a festive spirit to your party. Just as you want pre-game preparation to be easy, make your cleanup easy by using colored plastic table covers. Looking for something a bit more creative? Cover your serving tables in butcher paper and place cups of markers out for guests to guess the final score, try their hand at drawing your team’s logo or play a game of tic-tac-toe.

With their open floor plans, homes at Weston make ideal entertaining spaces. Since the television will be the center of attention, bring in extra chairs if needed to accommodate your guests. Floor pillows and blankets are good casual options as well. Use multiple spaces to keep the action nearby. Fall football weather is about being outside, so set up viewing areas on the back patio if possible. Your California Room is a perfect place for backyard entertaining.

Want to host, but not at your home? Not a problem at Weston. Take advantage of the group gathering spaces at the Boulder Ridge Swim Club, Weston’s resort-style amenity center. Watch the big game in the lounge area, then take a refreshing dip in the pool at halftime.

It’s football season, and a home at Weston is a great place to host football game parties. Join the Interest List for news, updates and information about living at Weston.