Game Room Organization: Three toddler kids sitting on the floor, drawing with crayons, in an organized play room.

4 Steps to an Organized Game Room

Posted on 18 Mar, 2020

Kids love having their own space, but keeping game rooms neat and tidy can be a challenge. The optional storage/game room at Weston in Santee provides extra space for your kids to let their imaginations run wild – and for you to keep organized. Whether you want to minimize your kids’ toys or simply control the chaos, here are four game room organization tips that will help.

Tackle the toys.
Before you can organize your game room, you need to take stock of the situation. Take a look at what toys your kids have and, more importantly, what toys they actually play with. This will help you decide what you should keep and what you can get rid of. Be sure to involve your kids in the process so they feel included. Throw away any broken toys, and donate the toys that are still in good shape.

Find the right containers.
Now that you know what you’re dealing with, it’s time to figure out how to store everything. Are your kids big readers? Put all those books on some stylish shelves. Do your kids have a lot of LEGOS®? Wooden baskets and storage bins will hold them nicely.  Open baskets and bins are great for holding toys of all sizes and make it easy for children to put their things away. Your storage can even serve a double purpose: Storage benches and ottomans add extra seating for your game room.

Put everything away.
Once you have the storage containers you need, find a time when the whole family can help put everything in its new home. Your kids will be the ones using the space, so they should help decide what should go where. Labels can turn putting toys away into a fun game as your kids search for the right container (for younger children, use photos instead of words). Not sure what to do with your kids’ artwork? Hang it on the wall.

Set a schedule.
Once your game room is organized, set a schedule to ensure it stays that way. Every day, have your children pick up their toys and throw away any trash like snack wrappers. Once a week, check for broken toys or dried-out art supplies that can be tossed. Twice a year, ask your kids to go through their toys and see if there’s anything they would like to give away. Getting your kids into a routine will help you maintain a game room that’s both fun and neat.

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