Energy Saving Tips - A dining room and great room with modern décor inside an energy-efficient home at Weston.

Be Energy Smart Year-Round With These 4 Tips

Posted on 17 Dec, 2019

It can be hard to keep tabs on how much energy you and your family are using, especially in the winter months. So we’ve gathered four tips on how to be energy smart throughout the year, whether you’ve lived in the same house for years or just moved into a new, energy-efficient home at Weston.

Reaching the Peak
There are on-peak hours during the day when energy is being consumed at the highest rate in your city. If you use less energy during on-peak periods or if most of your energy use is during off-peak periods, then you pay a lower price. Try switching to a Time-of-Use plan from San Diego Gas & Electric and save.

Appliances Aren’t Really “Off”
We all know to turn the water off when we’re brushing our teeth and in between other daily activities, but what about turning your appliances off when you’re not using them? Appliances that are turned “off” can still be drawing power if they’re plugged in. In fact, about half of all household appliances are using power at all times, even if they are off, on standby or in sleep mode. Unplug your small appliances in between uses and see how much lower your utility bill can be.

Be More Efficient
If we stop and think about how much water and energy we use, it really adds up. If we can make a more conscious effort to only run a full load in the washing machine and dishwasher, that’s saving water and energy right there. That, combined with running them during off-peak hours, will really help to lower your utility bills.

And when you aren’t home, how much electricity are you using? Try using smart home devices – like the ones that come as part of the LivingSmart® program at Weston – to help you control your lights, temperature and more when you’re away from home.

Be Energy Smart for Your Specific Home
Older homes are going to have different ways to save energy, so check your city’s electricity provider’s website for more tips on how to save energy in your home. Or better yet, move into a brand-new home at Weston and enjoy the energy efficiencies of the included LivingSmart® technology and solar program to help you stay comfortable and in control all year.

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