A variety of pumpkins and orange flowers make this front porch ready for a fall themed party.

4 Tips for Hosting a Fall Festival in Your Backyard

Posted on 13 Oct, 2020

If the cooler temperatures and fall colors are conjuring up memories of childhood fall festivals, why not plan one of your own at home? Gather the gourds and hay bales and transform your backyard into a celebration of fall. Here’s how to get everyone in the spirit of pumpkin spice latte season at Weston.

Capture the moment.
Get the small gathering started with a photo booth. For a backdrop, hang a sheet or orange and black streamers to create a ribbon curtain. Group hay bales, gourds, even hand-painted signs as props to help capture the fun.

Set up games.
Take a page from your favorite fall festivals by arranging traditional autumn-themed games and activities that the entire family can enjoy. How about pumpkin ring toss on the patio? Create your own using orange tape for the lines, and mini pumpkins for targets. Or, paint empty soda bottles in orange and green or use orange plastic safety cones. Glow in the dark necklaces make for perfect rings, and can be upcycled to wear after dark.

And what’s a fall carnival without a “guess the number” booth? It couldn’t be easier to set up. Simply fill some various sized jars with candy corn, plastic spiders, you name it. Don’t forget fun prizes!

You can amp up the energy with a potato sack race across the yard. Or, test your skills with an apple-stacking game or pumpkin-carving contest. Place stations around the yard so everyone can partake.

Serve fall favorites.
All those “tricks” can work up an appetite, so plan a menu full of fall-themed treats. Outdoor living areas at Weston homes are the perfect spot for a fall cookout. Work in some ingredients that shout: it’s fall! Try grilling acorn squash or serve a piping hot pot of butternut squash soup for some fall-inspired comfort food. For a fun and interactive twist on dessert, set up a table to create your own candy apples. Offer apple cider and hot cocoa, along with tubs of iced-down festive options for the adults. Anyone up for pumpkin ales and caramel apple wine slushies?

Create the ambiance.
Pull your Weston backyard family fall festival together by creating a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s easy. Add faux branches, leaves, mini pumpkins, gourds and a rustic color scheme to your tables. Hang autumn-themed lights around the patio and trees. And include generous use of the all-important hay bales. Set them around the yard to create multiple seating areas, or group around a fire pit for late-night ghost stories. Be sure to place some wool blankets nearby, too.

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