Take A Virtual Tour of the Boulder Ridge Swim Club

Posted on 17 Nov, 2017

We’re excited to finally present a sneak peek inside the centerpiece of the Weston community – the Boulder Ridge Swim Club. Watch the virtual tour below:

Can you envision yourself relaxing on the patio?

The Boulder Ridge Swim Club doesn’t just offer a swimming pool, hot tub, recreation center, exercise room, and meeting place – this brand-new recreation center will provide 2,748 square feet of space for your family and neighbors to relax, dive, play and enjoy the delights of living in Weston.

Weston is a community that enjoys an active lifestyle, and Boulder Ridge is a testament to this. Swim laps in the pool and then recover in the hot tub. Inside, strengthen yourself with a lifting routine, or get your heart going with a run on a treadmill. Live the healthy life you pride yourself on.

Boulder Ridge is for each and every resident of Weston. Kids can play and neighbors can convene on the expansive patio or inside this modern-designed rec center.

Naturally, this club will be well within walking distance of each of the four neighborhoods in Weston – Sandstone, Lake Ridge, Prism and Talus – but that’s not all. Boulder Ridge will offer access to miles of brand-new hiking and cycling trails – making it the perfect place to start your adventure, or to rest when you’re coming home.

Whether you’re coming in from a hike, a day out at Santee Lakes, a night out on San Diego, or just coming back from the working day – when you see Boulder Ridge, you’ll know you’re home.

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