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Celebrating Earth Month Every Month at Weston

Posted on 10 Apr, 2020

Mother Earth will take center stage on April 22, as people around the world celebrate Earth Day. But at Weston in Santee, green living and healthy, active lifestyles are easy to celebrate every day. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly home or natural beauty just outside your door, Weston has plenty of ways to make every month Earth Month.

Open spaces abound.
Ready for an afternoon stretch break or walk? With 95 acres of protected open space within the community, rest assured knowing you can enjoy a breath of fresh air while still keeping your distance. The future 5-acre park on Weston’s north end will serve as a gateway for hikers and mountain bikers to the hillside nature trails and beyond. On its western end, West Hills Park’s gazebos and open spaces are perfect for some “work from home” time under the shade. At Weston, there’s plenty of room for peaceful solitude while enjoying nature all around.

Bring the outdoors in.
Staying connected to nature doesn’t stop at the doorway. Home designs in Weston’s Prism and Lake Ridge neighborhoods bring the outdoor beauty in. Open, airy rooms brighten family gathering spaces. And covered porches extend the interior living space, bringing in backyard scenery, natural light and fresh air.

Embrace eco-friendly living.
A healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle is at the core of the Weston community. Through our LivingSmart® program, homes at Weston protect our planet’s precious resources and use earth-friendly features wherever possible. We start by using EarthSmart® sustainable products like engineered wood to resist warping while preserving our forests, and plush carpeting made from recycled materials to reduce waste. Add to that, Weston’s EnergySmart® features like roof-mounted solar panels that reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

To conserve water, Weston’s WaterSmart® features include water-efficient fixtures, optional recirculating pumps and an ENERGY STAR® dishwasher, plus drought-tolerant neighborhood landscaping. HealthSmart® products like low VOC paint and insulation, along with high-quality HVAC filters, help contribute to better indoor air quality. Plus, programmable thermostats, lighting and other HomeSmart® devices help manage your home and keep your utility bills down.

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